Taste of the Wild vs. Blue “Buffalo” Wilderness:

So, it’s a kind of burning question how you choice your dog food. Do you think your dog deserves better food? Yes, you are right. Your dog likes better food like the other dogs. So it’s time for you to think and take an expert decision which dog food brand you are going to adapt for your dog’s treat.

We share our home, our bed, our food with our pet. Isn’t that what we do with our family members? Yes, we do. We take care our dog as we take care of ourselves. But this family member deserves a healthy and premium food and proper diet. When it comes to making decision which dog foods to use sometimes gets a bit confusing.

That’s why I’m here to make you little bit less confused. I’m going to discuss two of the special dog food brands Taste of the Wild and Blue Wilderness.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

The Blue Buffalo Company is owned and produced by Blue Buffalo Dog Food founded in 2002. With their motto “Love them like family. Feed them like family” they are serving dog owners for nearly 15 years. The Blue Buffalo Wilderness has 17 dry dog food formulas whereas 15 formulas meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for grownups and remaining two is for puppies for growth. Their “Blue Wilderness” food line is totally grain free. It should be known that not all the line of food is necessary for every dog breeds. It varies depending on the different kinds and adaptabilities of the dog. So it is said that the “Blue Wilderness” line of food is for the service dogs which may not be suitable for every breed of dog.

Top five ingredients for Blue Buffalo’s “Blue Wilderness” chicken flavor canine formula:

  • Chicken Meal.
  • Deboned Chicken.
  • Potato Starch.
  • Turkey Meal.
  • Peas.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is a privately owned business operated by Diamond Pet Foods Inc. since 2007. On their operation the focused on the ongoing market demand for the dog food and started providing natural grain-free dog food. They have the total of 12 high-quality dog food formulas whereas five adult formulas, two dry puppy formula, one wet and one dry off each. The top five ingredients that they use are as follows:

  • Lamb Meal.
  • Chicken Meal.
  • Bison.
  • Turkey Meal.
  • Peas.

The majority of their formulas are made to imitate what dogs would eat in the wild with one of a kind lean meats (like buffalo, venison, or quail) that are ensured hormone and anti-microbial free, with exceedingly absorbance energy sources, cancer prevention agents, and chelated minerals for better absorption.

Nutritional Notes

Both Blue Buffalo and Taste of Wild do not use any artificial flavors, preservatives, and artificial poultry product, corn, soy or other harmful formulas. They use deboned chicken, turkey, and lamb meal. That we saw in the ingredients. Their use of exact blends of vitamins and oxidation inhabitants’ substance. Which selected by veterinarians and animal nutritionists are eager to preserve strength and potency.

Feeding Guide

Blue Wilderness

Adult within 15 pounds: ½ to 1 cup daily.

Adults between 16 to 25 pounds: 1 to 1 ½ cups daily.

Taste of Wilderness

Adult between 5 to 10 pounds dog: ½ to ¾ cup daily.

Adult between 10 to 20 pounds dog: ¾ to 1 ½ cups daily.

Natural Dog Foods:

While Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo's Wilderness equation have a large number of similar qualities and are both eventually alternatives you can feel safe bolstering your fuzzy companion. We feel that Taste of the Wild's perfect fixing list, bring down value, utilization of hormone and anti-microbial free meats, sans grain ensure, and sans ethoxyquin conservation procedures give it the slight edge over Blue Buffalo's Wilderness recipe.

If want to read a details product reviews for each of the wilderness dog product then, I must recommend to read blue wilderness dog food reviews article from the blog Pet Care Sunday as they gone details and honest review. 

Let’s see a comparison table for both Blue Wilderness and Taste of the Wild:

 Taste of the WildBlue Buffalo Wilderness
Price- Dry

$1.50 to $1.93

per lb $29 for a 15lb kit.

$45 for a 30lb kit.

$2.25 to $4 per lb

$18 for a 4.5 lb bag.

$58 for a 24lb bag.

Price- Wet

$0.16 per ounce.

$25.99 for a 12 oz can.

$0.23 per ounce

$37.5 for a 12.5 oz can.

First Five Ingredients

Lamb Meal.

Chicken Meal.


Turkey Meal.

Wild Boar.

Chicken Meal.

Deboned Chicken.

Potato Starch.

Turkey Meal.


Chelated MineralsYes, they use Chelated Minerals.Yes, they use Chelated Minerals as well.
Crude Fat %Minimum 15%Minimum 15%
Crude Protein %Minimum 29%Minimum 30%
Crude Fiber %Maximum 15%Maximum 4.5%
Moisture %Maximum 10%Maximum 10%
CalciumMinimum 1.4%Minimum 1.4%
Omega 3 Fatty AcidsMinimum 0.5%Minimum 1.0%
Omega 6 Fatty AcidsMinimum 3.0%Minimum 2.75%
PhosphorusMinimum 0.9%Minimum 0.9%
GlucosamineMinimum (naturally occurring)* 400 mg/kgMinimum (naturally occurring)* 400 mg/kg
Use of Hormone and Antibiotic free MeatsYesNo
AAFCO ApprovedYesYes
Ethoxyquin FreeYesNo information found.


Blue Buffalo Wilderness has varieties of products. If you like variations than this brand is for you. They have products available options through three generations, puppy, adult and senior and also have categories according to breeds like small breed, sensitive etc. As this is not a pricing review post I’m just giving you a hint of how the price can be for this brand.

The price of Blue Wilderness adult dog food –Grain Free, and Natural:

4.5 lb







11 lb







24 lb







For Final Words

It's crucial to consider the health, age, and progress of the dog before settling on a sort or brand of dog food. Especially with a high protein recipe of dry dog food. Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild are furious contenders. Both are going toe to toe on production and manufacturing procedure, and nourishing aide. However, Taste of the Wild conveyed several jobs to Blue Buffalo with a lower value, more protein and sorts of protein. Also utilizing cleaned water for a purpose. In the event that Taste of the Wild is offered in neighborhood stores, then changing to this high caliber. However, less costly sustenance would be helpful to a family's dearest canine and to the family pocket book.

Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild is both incredible dog food product. But if the variety is your kind then go for Blue Buffalo Wilderness. And lastly, love your dog.